PAGES Scientific Committee: call for nominations

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The Past Global Changes (PAGES) project invites nominations for membership of its Scientific Steering Committee for terms beginning in 2016.

PAGES is calling for applications from scientists to serve on its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) from 2016.

PAGES has now modified the application procedure from nominations to a process that permits self nominations. This means that any interested and suitable individuals are now welcome to nominate themselves.

The SSC is the body responsible for overseeing PAGES activities. Five new members are sought to fill the places of Immaculate Ssemanda, Chris Turney, Alan Mix, Denis-Didier Rousseau, and Kathy Willis which will be vacant from January 2016 (see the SSC Member List). Scientists who serve on the SSC normally do so for a period of 3 years, with the potential of renewing for an additional 3-year term.

Following a first round of nominations earlier this year (which will remain in consideration during this round), the SSC decided to modify the application procedure from solely passive nominations to a process that permits self nominations. These changes were made both to encourage highly motivated scientists to step forward and to diversify the applicant pool in order to achieve a broad disciplinary and geographic balance on the SSC.

By 2016, PAGES will be operating as a core project of the Future Earth programme and have a scientific partnership with the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). Applicants should be familiar with the development of these organizations and be able to contribute positively to strengthening PAGES' position within this environment.

In seeking applicants, PAGES are not only looking for scientific excellence and a high level of commitment to PAGES goals, but are also aiming to achieve a balance of expertise, nationalities, gender, and career stages across the SSC.

Details on how to apply are available at www.pages-igbp.org/people/scientific-steering-committee/apply

The deadline for applications is 12 June 2015.