IGAC Scientific Steering Committee: call for nominations

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The International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) project invites nominations for membership of its Scientific Steering Committee for terms starting on 1 January 2016.

At the conclusion of 2015 IGAC will be rotating off three Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) members, Mary Barth (NCAR, USA), Candice Lung (Academia Sinica, Taiwan), and Chhemendra Sharma (National Physical Laboratory, India).
The project is looking for nominations to replace these exceptional outgoing SSC members. If you wish to submit a nomination for an SSC member (term start 1 January 2016), please fill out this form and send it along with the requested additional information to the IGAC Executive Officer Megan Melamed (megan@igacproject.org) by 15 May 2015.

IGAC strives to have an SSC with geographical, gender and expertise diversity. To view current SSC members and their expertise, visit http://www.igacproject.org/SSC.