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Published: October 4, 2011

Single-celled plankton reveal past climates

Working group 138 on
Modern Planktic Foraminifera and Ocean Changes

Gerald Ganssen (The Netherlands)
Michal Kucera (Germany)

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How do scientists reconstruct past climate conditions on Earth? One way of doing this is by culturing living planktonic Foraminifera and analyzing their shell composition under present day conditions in the world oceans. A new short film on the importance of plankton for climate research has just been released. Watch it here.
Orbulina universa, a sand-sized single chambered test surrounded by delicate spines.

Orbulina universa, a sand-sized single chambered test surrounded by delicate spines.

Photo: Dr. Howard Spero;
University of California
For over 30 years scientists have been researching these tiny planktonic creatures to unlock living conditions that lie hidden within their shells. With these insights it's possible to create a suit of tools to analyze the same Foraminifera shells recovered from past times and use them to reconstruct climate and Ocean conditions over million of years.

This research group is co-sponsored by IGBP.

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