What we do

IGBP began in 1987. IGBP was an international scientific research programme examining how Earth's biological, chemical and physical processes interact at a regional and global scale, and how these processes affect and are affected by society.

  • 12 projects
  • 70 national committees
  • International reputation

IGBP was sponsored by the International Council for Science.

IGBP sponsored 12 projects, plus many more initiatives*.

The programme was built on interdisciplinarity, international networking and scientific integration. It addressed questions where an integrated, international approach is necessary. IGBP adds value to a large number of individual, national and regional research projects by integrating activities to achieve a better understanding of the Earth System.

IGBP and our projects:

  • Develop international research strategies in key areas - land, ocean, atmosphere (and their interactions), the Earth system, past climates.
  • Build bridges between international science and international policy (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment)
  • Develop international frameworks for collaborative research based on agreed agendas.

  • Form research networks to tackle focused scientific questions.
  • Support Earth System Science networks.
  • Promote standard methods.
  • Create long time series observations.
  • Guide and facilitates construction of global databases.

  • Coordinate model and data comparisons.
  • Manage data.

  • Build capacity capacity.

*Because of the integrated international nature of our work, many projects are co-sponsored by other organisations.