photo: iStockphoto/Iamphotora


In 2011, IGBP began a strategic management planning process that encompasses both its operations and its international reach throughout the scientific community.  In 2012, strategic planning continues that focuses on the following areas:
  • Lead by example in the scientific community in strategic and operational sustainability.
  • Review current frameworks and standards relevant to the organisation and its community.
  • Develop organisational guidelines and policies to embed sustainability in decision-making processes that dictate procurement, operations and project development.
  • Drive cross-discipline and multi-sector dialogue by fostering networks and partnerships among scientists and decision makers, i.e. policy makers, industry, business, and NGOs, and communities it operates in promoting global sustainability.
  • Examine and address travel and meeting sustainability at a planning level.
  • Initiate and facilitate dialogue with funders to develop guidelines that encourage funders to take strategic and operational sustainability into consideration when disbursing funding.
  • Continue to identify and highlight the latest scientific research on global sustainability and unsustainability.